As a member of the KVX Innovations group, we help our Customers with the main activity of travel arrangement so that they do not have to deal with the organization and coordination of programs either before or during the trip.

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Film tourism

Visiting filming locations with background information and taking photos (“In the film and now”) form the basis of the programs. In addition to filming conditions, our tour guides will of course introduce our Passengers to the given landmarks and settlements. In addition to filming locations, we also offer other film-related programs!

business + disconnection

business tourism

Being active in business, our founders know well what is the secret of well-organized business trips, conferences, welcoming and "keeping" business partners, which is why we are also active in the MICE segment. The complete organization is available from one source, through one channel, in Hungary and in several foreign countries as well!

Gastro ++


Wine tourism is not only about getting to know the art of wine making and drinking wine! During our program packages, our Passengers can enjoy unique adventures, take part in vineyard tours, and get to know a special world of cellars! Our preferred target areas are the wine estates of Tokaj-Hegyalja and Sicily, whose atmospheres are the most special.

Although our specializations are aimed at individuals with different interests and businesses operating in different segments, they can still be combined well in many cases.

All specializations include a more in-depth knowledge of the relevant city and location, we particularly focus on the presentation of UNESCO World Heritage sites, meal solutions, and accommodation

Thus, after a stressful business day, a visit to a wine estate is an excellent opportunity to relax, or a visit to film locations can be combined with a visit to sights and dinner.

Our specific, pre-compiled program packages are also available, but at the same time, the strength of KVX Tourism is that we put together unique experience packages based on the needs of the Customer who wants to travel.

After assessing the basic idea, we put together options from the program elements we offer that can be coordinated so that they meet the expectations based on the criteria of the time of the trip, the availability, location and quality of the program elements.


If you would like to find out more in general or about a specific service or program, we are available at one of the following contacts:






What should you do if you work with us?

  • Some basic parameters need to be entered: travel time, number of people, specific idea within the destination area or category, and the like.
  • Budget, if any.
  • Plan everything with one single contact person.
  • After the agreement, enjoy a carefree trip without any coordination during the programs.

What NOT to do if you work with us?

  • Visit and call the selected locations, accommodation providers, restaurants, etc.
  • Read their reviews to accurately assess the services and conditions.
  • Coordinate the selected program elements in time and space and trust that everything will fit in practice.
  • In case of an unexpected factor, look for a solution, plan B.
  • To consult and agree in advance with several service providers.
  • Constantly coordinate with the various selected service providers during the trip.

We are not a travel agency that takes over the programs of other agencies, then makes a profit on them and broadcasts them to those who want to travel!

KVX Tourism only offers locations, service partners, and program packages of which it has gained a personal impression, so our employees are fully aware of the conditions, standards, and combinability with other program elements, so the Passengers do not have to gain experience at their own risk!

We see the possibilities, we have experience in relation to all offered program elements and service providers, and we have discounted prices from them, so the organizational work of KVX Tourism does not result in significant additional costs, while guaranteeing a calm and organization-free trip. This is the added value of our travel agency!

Ugyan szakirányaink különböző érdeklődési körű magánszemélyeket, illetve eltérő szegmensben működő vállalkozásokat céloznak meg, mégis azok sok esetben jól kombinálhatók egymással.
Minden szakiránynak része a vonatkozó város, helyszín alaposabb megismerése (kiemelten UNESCO világörökségi helyszínek bemutatása), étkezés és szállás biztosítása, így egy megterhelőbb üzleti nap után a borbirtok látogatás kiváló kikapcsolódási lehetőség, vagy a filmes lokációk megtekintése kombinálható nevezetességek látogatásával.

További részletekért lépjen be az Önt érdeklő világba vagy keresse munkatársainkat az Elérhetőség menüpontra kattintva.


The KVX Innovations group offers services in 3 areas and is looking for investment opportunities: 1. Logistics 2. Software management 3. Tourism.

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